Bord na Mona, the semi-state turf development board, has ignored a recent High Court decision by applying for a horticultural processing facility without assessing the impact on the bogs supplying the peat.


The application is for a horticultural processing facility on a 2.7-hectare site near Naas in County Kildare, a joint venture with the Dutch company Legro. Legro is one of largest producers of casing soil for mushroom cultivation with clients all around the world, according to the application.


The High Court recently ruled in relation to Edenderry Power Plant that the source of the plant’s fuel must be considered as part of the application for the continuation of the plant but this decision has been ignored by the company in its current application.


While Bord na Mona has committed to phasing out the exploitation of bogs for power plants, it shows no sign of any social responsibility when it comes to its’ horticultural division.


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