Make a donation

FIE receives approximately €10 - 12,000 per year for core funding . This core funding  originates from the Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment (DCCAE) Environment Fund, and the main sources for the fund are the plastic bag levy and the landfill levy. Environmental (Ecological) NGOS Core Funding (Trading as the Irish Environmental Network)  distributes this core funding to over 30 national NGOs including FIE.

FIE also applies for grants from other sources for specific projects. For example FIE have received small grants  from Patagonia ($4000 in 2012) towards our work on  peat extraction in SACs and from Lush (£3519 in 2014) for a GIS map of salmon farms and salmon rivers.

FIE also receives donations from the general public and any amount is welcome however small. FIE  receives between €500 and €1000 per year from donations.