The EU "can be satisfied" with the outcome of the world sustainability summit in Johannesburg earlier this month, European environment commissioner Margot Wallstr??m claimed today. Speaking at a meeting organised by the Centre for European policy studies, Ms Wallstr??m said the summit had added a new momentum to the cause of sustainable development - even if the EU had not won all its demands for concrete targets and timetables.
Taken together with preceding summits on third world financing and global trade liberalisation, Johannesburg's legacy was to have "shaped a global partnership for sustainable development", said Ms Wallstr??m. This included "commitments to increased development assistance and market access for developing countries, good governance and a better environment." Released today, the commissioner's speech broadly expands on an internal Commission briefing on Johannesburg submitted jointly by president Romano Prodi, Ms Wallstr??m and development commissioner Poul Nielson. The document will appear on the Commission's web site shortly. Follow-up: European Commission, tel: +32 2 299 1111, and Ms Wallstr??m's speech|0|RAPID&lg=EN. The Johannesburg briefing, SEC(2002)944 will appear here Environment Daily 1284, 11/09/02 -------------------------
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