Sir, - How much longer will the Dublin Port Company persist doggedly with its plans to start dumping in Dublin Bay, and add to the stretch of eyesore foreshore it already holds?
Only a few days ago it was told its plan must first obtain planning approval. Yet again the company secretary, Michael Sheary, asserts (September 10th) that this is the only source of additional quay wall. But there is additional quay wall space, much longer than that the rejected plan proposes, ready and waiting for use. It's called the North Wall Quay. It needs only dredging and better access. Much of it is obstructed by ramshackle sheds, but it is there, waiting. Behind it, the hinterland is occupied mainly by rundown and near derelict sites, ideal for development as modern port service facilities. Private car traffic to existing car ferries can readily reroute via Sheriff Street. Loading modern rear entry Ro-Ro vessels requires only floating ramps, such as can already be seen in use further along North Quay Extension. Across the river, Rogerson's Quay is similarly neglected. It is true that ships would need a bridge lift, but they sail mainly outside rush hours. So, there are alternatives available to Dublin Port. All it takes is a little vision and concern for our heritage. Let us use the quays for their proper purpose, rather than lining them with glossy offices. Rather than plundering our precious seaside amenity for ever, can Dublin Port now please heed the message it has been sent? - Yours, etc., JOHN LOGAN, Seafield Road, Dublin 3. Irish Times
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