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FIE has found that the current project to double Ireland’s farmed salmon output through the funding by the State of the semi–state agency Bord Iascaigh Mhara [BIM]] to apply for a licence for a salmon farm in Galway Bay, Ireland, violates commitments given by Government Agencies in 2010 not to develop the industry further until the sea lice issue had been addressed.

The National Development Plan, taking on board objections from the Central Fisheries Board and the Minister for Communications and Natural Resources, determined that ‘it has been decided that no financial assistance will be given to marine salmon aquaculture license holders during the course of this National Programme until such time as the sea lice issue has been satisfactorily resolved’.

The prohibition, published in July 2010 as the ‘Irish Seafood National Program 2007 – 2013’ was ignored in December 2011 when Minister Simon Coveney gave €2m additional funding to BIM to begin the work of applying for a licence for a mega fish farm in Galway Bay that would alone double Ireland’s farmed salmon production.

FIE has published a Report with more than 500 aerial photographs of the savage mechanical destruction of Ireland’s most protected raised bogs.

After an Irish boycott of farmed smoked salmon for Christmas, Canada has now launched a boycott and organisers around the world are sharpening their pens and checking their skype connections. The website now provides stickers for supporters to use to spread the message. Download a template for standard labels address sheets which local printers and office suppliers have in stock. Using the provided art work on the template, single A4 colour printed sheets cost less then a euro and provide 18 stickers. Posters and website banners also available. Spread the word – the media is influenced by their advertisers. We have to rely on consumer activism.

Read the shocking story of how the Government refused to listen to unanimous scientific advice against allowing the Bridge on the Bundorragh River in County Mayo to be repaired last November and the wash out that followed, potentially threatening Ireland finest colony of fresh water pearl mussels.